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ok, we have some rules 'n' stuff.

1. members can have as many animals as they please untill we get more then 5 members

2. alpha male and female are the leaders, no one else can be, or pose, as them

3. role plays and comics will be alowed to use freely by members, non-members are NOT
allowed and any bad behaviour will result in deletion.

4. to upload art you must send us a note saying 'submission' and send us the submission with it.

5. your animal must be real, no made up animals are allowed but fantasy animals are.

6. your animal must also have a certian roll: a healer, a warrior, a carer, a hunter, a scout, a trainer, an elder, a commander or a traitor. if you think of anything else then they will be that instead.

7. you can invite people outside the pack into the club, but you need to tell us first. if you let them enter without permission then you will be banned (if they join in with club things without being in the pack then they will either have to join or leave)

8. if you have any questions then go to one of the two oners of the pack. (me, :iconfukothegreat: or scrooge, :iconevilpinguperson:)

9. have fun ^^

ok here are the members so far:-

Alpha male:

Scrooge :iconevilpinguperson:

Alpha female:

Shanta :iconfukothegreat:

other (they havent decided yet):

Altaïr :iconozonecherry:

well thats it, please SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
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Thanks for the :+fav:
RedHeadedLover Jan 10, 2010  Student General Artist
hooo can i be a member??
yep ^^ what animal, name and job?
RedHeadedLover Jan 19, 2010  Student General Artist
i'd say a fox
and i would like to be... hum...
what are the cool job for a fox? =D

Count those exclamation points and I'll give you my mom. -Mebbeh-.
206 and thx for da watch ^^
O_O You seriously counted?! Well she just got home... *sniffle* I'm gonna miss her. *tranquilizes you and drags you to a barn* Hope you don't remember THIS! *cackle as he runs off*
*wakes up* what the--- HEY!!!!! *runs after you with a rifel*
(1 Reply)
evilpinguperson Jan 4, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
im joining
first comes first serves so you are the other alfa. your characters can be any ones you want ^^ (alfas can make more then 3 characters) i'll send you the user and password
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